I hate this moment when I get to connect who I was before and who I am becoming at present.

I was full of dreams and goals in life which latter end up to be frustrations. I ever dreamed to become a doctor by which financial constraints hinders me to take another step on what could be my dream career. Now, Im working in a laboratory, doing routine works and felt that my knowledge on medical things have been deteriorating as days passes by.

Before, I was one of those students who happily spend their weekends studying for an upcoming exam. I sacrificed my social life just for the hype and high of learning new things. Today, I found myself immersing myself more into people, almost like dragging them to hangout with me for a simple coffee or any activity to rock the night.

My boredom in my present have led me to be more sociable indeed, and as of today, thats my sole happines – to be surrounded with people.

Still, my frustrations continues to haunt me. If you work on an Arab country where blatant discrimination among asians persist, you’ll never grow in your career. As of now, I am striving to complete my papers to work to the United States- where ordinary people could flourish and all minds are free.

I hope the future ahead shines brighter for me.


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