thoughts from the IRON LADY

Meryl Streep does it again…bagged the oscar best actress awards for her performance of the world famous Baroness Margaret Thatcher in the film  “iron lady”.

Streep successfully embodied the character of Baroness Thatcher from the manner of speaking, posture and not to mention the usual “heads-up” composure of a well dignified woman. The producers have made an excellent role to portray the strong-willed British Prime Minister.

The movie was well researched and gave me a brief yet a complete outlook on how Margaret Thatcher began her political career and eventually made a difference in her country. It depicts the old Baroness remembering the days of her political career and reliving the moments where hard decisions were to be made by someone who is stong enough to do a man’s job.

Thatcher has been consistent with her philosophy that made most of her decision unpopular. Now, I could imagine how her life could be with most bashers around her….seemingly wanting to knock her head of at any moment. 

“Our thoughts become words, our words become actions, our actions become habits, our habits makes our character and our character makes our destiny” 

Among all the lines in the movie, the one written above stuck to my brain. The order of succession on how our thoughts influences each one’s destiny seems to be so perfect. The movie reminded me that we are our own keepers and what we think for ourselves really matters. Yes, we heed for our family. friends’ advises but in the end, its only we who could decide for ourselves and would be able to live those decisions we’ve made. 


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