Me and my Coffee

Me and my Coffee

Oh coffee…You saved the day as usual 🙂

I culminated a very tiring day with a good sip of coffee at Starbucks Hyatt plaza. While I was enjoying my coffee, I entered into a trance of deep meditation; and with that meditation, I have rebuilt a good state of mind and mood.

Before,I used to force my self to drink coffee just to stay awake and focused on the things I need to study during my college days. Coffee has been my secret weapon for achieving those grades I was eyeing.

During my board examination review, I would consume 3 coffees on a night which eventually gave me palpitations. Why am i mentioning this, well just to prove that “too much of something is bad enough” (hahaha…nonsense)

Until came the time that I found myself in a struggle of reading and understanding a book without a good coffee on the other hand.

As long as coffee are around and innovations on its tastes continues to bud…my brain continues to work and would give me a better disposition in thoughts and actions.


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