During my Clinical Chemistry days in college, DIABETES is one of the topics I didn’t took seriously. Before it was just like an equation as below:

HIGH SERUM GLUCOSE = confirm by GTT = HBA1C = DIABETES = strict lifestyle modification and lifetime insulin/oral therapy

I even remembered myself boasting to a classmate of mine that none of the members of the family carries a gene for diabetes nor is diagnosed as diabetic. During our oral defenses on correlating disease conditions and laboratory results, I found myself skipping the topic DIABETES; thinking its too common and too simple that making a paper out of it wont make me sound smart.


One of the perks of working in the laboratory is that you get to test any blood sample you want for free. May it be you or any close family kin or friends-alike. Then came the time that I decided to take my mom’s blood sample just to check on how healthy she really is as she was claiming to be.

Exactly a year ago, I tested her blood with all profiles available. After all the results came, I was stunned, shocked and speechless; her fasting blood sugar is 400 and her Hba1c is 14.0….without a doubt, Mom is diabetic and has been diabetic for years.

The soonest possible, I referred my Mom to a well known endocrinologist for treatment and had advised us that she should undergo insulin therapy. Ever since….my mom is receiving INSULIN injections twice a day for over a year now.


photo of mom a year ago before insulin treatment

Mom looks skinny and often complains of fatigue. We blame it out to stress and lack of sleep. Later did we all know that its all about her diabetes. A disease that has been crawling on her silently


A year after INSULIN treatment

 A year after continuous insulin treatment, mom looks healthy and feels healthier.


Administering my mom insulin is a very simple effort to be carried but sometimes becomes a great deal when she wakes me up early in the morning for her morning doses. Unfortunately for mom, she has to deal with my morning tantrums when she does that.

 Mom has been very careful with her food choices since then and always does everything with extreme caution; to avoid any unnecessary injuries.

Likewise, complications from diabetes starts to come out. She is having leg pain episodes during her hyperglycemic states and her latest eye check up gives hints of cataract. And I am always on guard for early signs of kidney-injuries through monthly blood works.

Despite all these, we are lucky to live on the 21st century where Diabetes is manageable. I pity those ancient people who equates diabetes with death due to the absence of a know treatment/management. Thanks to the likes of Dr. Frederick Banting his keen studies.


Even the kindest person on earth succumb to worldly diseases. God makes no exception. All of us would grow old and would have our stories to share how our bodies would someday betray us. Since everything is temporary, we must live our lives to the fullest, explore the world, make good friends, build great relationships and leave a positive legacy…..


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