Ms. Onion cried

I lost my temper today at Ms. Onion..I failed to control myself and confronted her in a very sarcastic way. I spoke words that may be just but very hurtful. They say words are sharper than knives, well…i think I left a scar on her heart and she might not forget me for doing so.

After hearing an issue that she is telling her boss, “the nurse manager” that I am not teaching her well…that she is blaming us for her ignorance, I sought this nurse manager but failed to catch him. So what I did, I entered the lab going straight to her in a loud voice… I remember me saying these words:

” Ms. Onion why are you telling people that we are not training you, don’t you know I am having a hard time to teach you because you know nothing at all.”

“I have been very patient enough answering you stupid questions like what is the difference between serum and plasma, you don’t even know how to dilute solutions”

“dont talk to me, im upset”

“again this is not training, this is schooling, this profession is not a vocation that you could claim after a month of training”

“if you will stay here, I will make this place a hell for you”

“Go to your Nurse manager or the medical director, complain all you want, Im not afraid, i have my brains to defend myself….you think im afraid…go”

“we caught you lying…you told rasha you have a year of experience in clinical chemistry but you confessed to me that you only have 3months of experience”

“This is the laboratory, Dr. K nor Mr. I don’t have any idea in laboratory practices, this is my place, I will do what i want.”

“the next time you will say lies to me or to other people, watch out, I will wage a war against you”

She tried to say sorry to me but I gave her a very stern look and a very angry stance. All she did was cry loud. She called her husband to pick her up. I was even prepared to talk to her husband but the good thing is her man knows where he stands.

After all the drama that happened, I doubt if she will report to duty tomorrow…Or if she, I will talk to her again and make a compromise to be fair. I will train teach her…but in my own rules, If she cant abide my rules, kalas…go home to kerala.

This lady has brought out the worst in me. Rasha was surprised seeing me very angry. I know what I did is the right thing. I confronted her and told things she should hear. Perhaps its my way of saying that “don’t give me problems now and in the future.”

Yes, I pity her but the more compassion you show to this woman, the more big headed she goes.


Sinister feeling for Ms. Onion

I am going through a sinister feeling after what I’ve done today.  Half of me grins while the other half remorse.

For over a week now, the hospital administration gave us a new staff to train in the laboratory. Unexpectedly, she’s not a laboratory technologist, thus, knows nothing about laboratory procedures and principles. I prefer to gave her the alias “Ms. Onion” for blogging purposes.

Ms. Onion stands approximately 5’3″, has a motherly built and does the occasional yet very annoying “sideward nods”. At first glance she seems nice and soft spoken.She claims to be holding a masters degree in biochemistry and is from Kerala, India.

It is our “great” medical director who introduce her to us and told us to give her training for a week; evaluate her performance if she fits to join the team. The friendly me accepted her and began teaching her basic laboratory protocols, thinking she is worthy of such goodness. Then I began asking her questions about her experience and machines handled. She told me she has an experience of running a vitros machine for biochemistry and fortunately, I am also proficient in using such machine. Then, there begins my “investigations”…. after series of questions, I found out she is lying….Lying that she knows how to operate the machine….and lying that she has a year of experience in clinical chemistry. I got her to the point of admitting that she only has 3 months of experience of such department and was supervised by a senior technologist all along.

I made the impossible of teaching her how to do urinalysis and fecalysis without any background knowledge on urine formation,crystals and parasites. It is like I am teaching a toddler how to write… yes..that’s how i describe it  teaching a toddler how to write.” 

Then, for a week, she was with my colleagues Jena and Rasha since I happened to be on evening shift last week. According to both ladies, she really is impossible. Ms. Onion knows nothing and always brag her “masters degree” in biochemistry which obviously doesnt help her in the laboratory setup. Both Jena and Rasha tried to teach her things but they lost their patience training someone who knows nothing!!!! I mean who wouldnt? She even don’t know how to use a microscope….she peeps the eyepiece with an eye….making her look like a grader in a laboratory technologist’s perspective speaking.

My friend Rasha told me that she began asking STUPID questions like: What is the difference between serum and plasma, why blood are collected into separate tubes, why do we collect blood on other sites whenever veins in the anitcubital fossa aren’t visible.

What sparked my anger is that this Ms. Onion told Rasha that I didnt teach her well….that she doesnt understand my teaching…. I mean, after trying hard to explain urinalysis and fecalysis in the simplest way possible, she blame her ignorance to me! This woman cant work with me…I start to hate her and when I hate I make problems and I can be the meanest diplomatic person she would ever meet.

To make situations worse, she went to the “great” medical director and told lies that we refuse to teach her; that she is not learning from us. And this irrational medical director barge into the laboratory shouting at Rasha’s face….humiliating her infront of this Ms. Onion without hearing Rasha’s side. Too irrational indeed…He is a doctor for Godsake but he acts just like those people who sells fish in the market. Rasha was left unable to defend herself since this guy went out immediately and didnt gave Rasha a chance to explain and air out her side or our side of the story. After hearing all these drama…I found myself sleepless thinking how can I topple this lady down… Yes that how Ms. Onion brought out the bad side of me….

Then comes today, the day i was waiting for. The day I marked to give Ms. Onion a bad day.

Ms. Onion reported to duty approximately 30 mins after seven. When she entered she greeted me and I did the same thing. While I was busy reviewing the laboratory results for release, we had a very serious conversation. I then tested her knowledge again, and i noticed she felt embarassed having nothing to answer with my basic questions….she defended that she forgot everything because she has a ” three years gap”… then I replied….” tsk tsk…that would create a problem for me and for us”. I told her frankly that I know what she did last week…and I know the whole story. I made it clear that it is not the administration nor the medical director who would decide whether she would be hired but it would be us, the laboratory technologists, and ofcourse Dr. Randa.

I talked to her in a frank yet diplomatic way. I choose my words well, words that would hit her emotions…ofcourse with fake smiles worn. Along our hurtful yet truthful and just conversation, I noticed her eyes began to wet. She reached the point of asking “So, Im wasting my time…so I should go now?” Then, with the usual diplomatic fake smiles, I told her, “no, lets wait for Dr. Randa’s decision, Im just telling you my side, its not me who would decide in the first place, I just want you to know that I am having a hard time with you….and I feel like Im teaching a toddler how to write” 

For the rest of the day, I did again the impossible; I taught her the basics of hematology. I overload her with information and tips, her brain seemingly liked to explode. I did such thing to let her feel that training wont make her like us. I even sarcastically joked, “you know, what you need is schooling not training”

I let her try to do a blood smear and let her master how to make a blood smear according to my standards, which took me and others years to perfect. I told her” suprise me by making a perfect smear in a month, we learned this skill for years, now let me see if you can do this for a month” As expected, she had a hard time and the shift ended with two boxes of glass slides wasted.

All throughout the shift, me and Rasha talked and made it a point to let her feel that she is not part of the team. We even used metaphors that she could understand;that we are referring to her. All along, I can sense she felt disliked and unwanted.

Honestly, my conscience is knocking at me know. Did I really did what is just or I went overboard. I can picture out her face looking tired,worried and worn out. I even gave her an assignment of researching why eosinophils appears orange on a blood smear; i know she cant give me an answer for this tomorrow. I even didn’t offer her a tea nor a coffee for the whole shift. I really did intimidate her and made her feel that I have power over her; that I am a timber standing on a flooded plain.

Then, I also feel for Rasha, being the victim of Ms. Onions lies and “pasipsip”. I swear to God if that happens to me, this so called ” great medical director” would awaken the dragon in me that only my immediate family knew. This medical director demands respect then he should show it first. Shout at me one time and I will mirror what you do…

Part of me says Ms. Onion deserved what she felt today, yet another part of me says I went overboard. I crossed the boundary and hurt her feelings. Maybe she just want the job badly, and i was an antagonist to her part of her story. Then I remember my mom, what if my mom happens to be Ms. Onion, could I stand other people treating her the way I treated her? NO!

Again, I can picture out how she looked today after the shift and my conscience is haunting me. But then again, she cant be part of us because she knows nothing about the laboratory. She is a “biochemist” not a laboratory technologist nor technician. She would soon make problems for me, the laboratory and the hospital for sure.

I am a good man.. but why have I gone this way. I am just human, I know how to hate and make revenge. They say words are sharper than knives….with all that I told her, Im sure, I pierce into her ego.

May God forgive me.

Thursday Disappointment

Its the last thursday of the month and all of us, employees from American Hospital, were expecting to receive our much awaited January salary today.. I report to my duty wearing a casual outdoor wear, apart from the usual hospital scrub suit, thinking that at the end of the shift, we would hangout on one of the coffee shops in Souq Waqif or restaurants-alike.

Sadly, our expectations were far from reality. The shift ended without even a single dirham on our pockets.  Left broke, my colleagues at work decided to postpone our supposedly ” bonding” moments and save our remaining money for the upcoming money-less week.

Perhaps it is one of the perils of being an employee. One has to bear with its management and constantly abide by its rules and sometimes wants. It may be hard to imagine that no matter how educated nor diligent you were at school and at work, you would sometimes bend to the management of your company or shall i say “mismanaged” company.

Good for me since I have no mouths to feed but I deeply console to most of us who has financial responsibilities to attend to. Imagine how many lives were affected with this kind of situation that even the most bright nor diligent employee has no control over.

At school we were taught that the very key to have a good life is to study hard, work well and get paid. What most universities missed to teach us is how to deal with difficult companies; how to deal with indifferent superiors.

That’s life, we learn from our day to day experiences. With this situation, all of us are learning the hard way. We have been trying our best to manage our money wisely. Still, i am still hopeful that the new management could provide a good solution to the problem. May he save the company for its salvation would affect many lives.

The good person me ;)

ImageIt is that great feeling one feels after having left a positive acts through one’s  simple ways- that’s how I felt today after accompanying a former classmate of mine Faith in her quest in looking for a better paying job.

Being new and stange to Doha, I played the role as her guide to places and companies that possibly suits and could accomodate her. From  8am to 7pm, we rode taxi from here to there, hopped in the Karwa buses whenever available and walked distances-tower to tower; companies to companies.

Today has been very exhausting for the both of us. We could feel our feet screaming, wanting to retire and call it a day and both of us were glad to have spent this day productively.

I caught myself asking, ” Why am I doing this, where in fact I could just stay at home and enjoy a cold home-made banana shake”, then i realized that it has been my nature to never abandon a friend in need. Faith obviously needs me and I am here willing to help.

After all, Im a good person (that Im reminded off).


Today is no different from any other days in striving hard to be a “good son” as possible, though sometimes I loose it, I made sure I could manage to be one today; for today is the 58th Birthday of my mom 😉


Mom receiving her gift...MANGO bag from me and CHARLES and KEITH bag from DAD..

Though practically, mom didnt saw me grow up and was never around during most of my happy and sad times….I still hold fond memories with her… and that our distance cant scratch it away no matter what.

Below are my fond recollections with my mom:

THE BRICKGAME. When I was approximately 5 years old,mom was about to leave the house to do some groceries. I insisted to come with her but she refused because according to her she is in a hurry. In exchange, she promised me to bring something the moment she arrives just to keep me in place. Obediently, I agreed and waited for her arrival. Mom eventually went home with a brickgame at hand…I remembered I was so happy that time, and as far as my memory could go, that was the first time I get to appreciate what kind of Mom I have… too materialistic indeed fitted to a child’s “maturity”

DISTANT from MOM. Mom arrived from Libya in year 1996. It was straight 3 years that I never saw nor experienced having a mom around. I grew up with my Dad, with a man’s culture of doing things. Me and my siblings have adopted and got used with the situation. I remember that was September of 1996 that Mom arrived at the house and attempted to hug me…but I ran and hid to my room. I felt she was a complete stranger though I know she is my mom and remember that I have a mom. It took me 1 week before I started to come close to her and get used with her presence. It was mostly a fear of rejection which until now I dont have any idea where I got it.

NUTRISTAR and BBQ. When I was in grade 2, Mom decided to stay with us for a year and made up her mind not to go back to Libya. All of us were glad with that decision, and that decision of her changed the course of my life. Before, I dont have any idea how to study and it was her who trained me to be competitive and aim for high grades. She shared me her tips in studying which I kept until now. The mediocre grade 1 student evolved to someone better in grade 2. Mom would wait for me outside of my classroom until the end of our classes. Every after class, it was a routine that Mom would buy me NUTRI STAR and would prepare BBQ for lunch. She spoiled me that time and I loved the feeling having my mom around all the time… The house becomes lighter and I would agree when people say that Moms are ” ILAW ng TAHANAN”

COMPUTER QUIZ and SPELLING. I remember when I was in grade 3 that my teacher in computer gave us a lengthy notes about the proper positioning and letter assignments during computer-typing using the keyboards. Looking at it before, I expected that I would fail on the upcoming quiz. Mom then conditioned my mind and taught me how to break things out to make it easier. After 3 hours, I was surprised that I mastered the typing positions. The day after, my classmates were all nervous for the exam, apart from them, I kept silent and know that I am very ready for the exam…. As expected, I was one of the highest pointer that time and all my classmates were amazed how I did it.

The commonly misspelled word, “rendezvous” , is one of my most treasured word from mom. She taught me that sometimes pronunciations doesnt  come on how they are correctly spelled. I could still hear her break it down for me by saying, ” REN-DEZ-VOUS”….whenever I hear that word, it is Mom that comes first to my mind.

Today, I remained thankful of having Mom as my mom. Everything good in me comes from her. I constantly pray that God would give me at least 30 years more to be with my parents most especially to Mom; that I might be able to return all the sacrifices she have given. She is very selfless and that makes her loved by everyone. I would never trade any earthly-joys with my parents. I dont know how would i recover when I loose my parents in the VERY FAR FUTURE….

God knows how hard Im trying to be good and patient to my aging parents. Today, Im happy that with my simple gestures of preparing food for her birthday and giving her wish of a new bag was well appreciated.



After four months of staying here in Doha as a society outcast, I tag along Faith Forinas with few of my friends to watch “Wrath of the Titans” at City center Doha and had a fair dinner at Souq Waqif.

You might not believe me in saying that she has been staying here in Doha for FOUR months, without having experiencing how life in Doha feels. I am glad to be her guide to the City and introducing her more to the place she is now residing…Image

Along with us were the ever hyper Bigathins Laarni and Stephanie…. I know they would get along with Faith with their personalities that doesn’t differ too much. 


Faith is a good classmate of mine during my senior year in Fourth year. We belong to the same team with me being her leader at that time. I have great recollections of her saving the whole team in times of unprepared presentations. With her wits and natural humor, a supposedly half baked plans would turn out to be the best. 

She could be very loud, loquacious and laughs boisterously. She is indeed an asset to our team….

Now she is new here in Doha, I feel its my responsibility to ease out her boredom and let her experience what Qatar could offer to expatriates like us. I am happy to help someone who has been a good team mate to me…. I looking forward to a more fun filled night outs with her… Tonight she has been “breaked-in” and in a few months, Im sure she would learn to LOVE her stay here in Doha.