After four months of staying here in Doha as a society outcast, I tag along Faith Forinas with few of my friends to watch “Wrath of the Titans” at City center Doha and had a fair dinner at Souq Waqif.

You might not believe me in saying that she has been staying here in Doha for FOUR months, without having experiencing how life in Doha feels. I am glad to be her guide to the City and introducing her more to the place she is now residing…Image

Along with us were the ever hyper Bigathins Laarni and Stephanie…. I know they would get along with Faith with their personalities that doesn’t differ too much. 


Faith is a good classmate of mine during my senior year in Fourth year. We belong to the same team with me being her leader at that time. I have great recollections of her saving the whole team in times of unprepared presentations. With her wits and natural humor, a supposedly half baked plans would turn out to be the best. 

She could be very loud, loquacious and laughs boisterously. She is indeed an asset to our team….

Now she is new here in Doha, I feel its my responsibility to ease out her boredom and let her experience what Qatar could offer to expatriates like us. I am happy to help someone who has been a good team mate to me…. I looking forward to a more fun filled night outs with her… Tonight she has been “breaked-in” and in a few months, Im sure she would learn to LOVE her stay here in Doha. 


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