Today is no different from any other days in striving hard to be a “good son” as possible, though sometimes I loose it, I made sure I could manage to be one today; for today is the 58th Birthday of my mom ūüėČ


Mom receiving her gift...MANGO bag from me and CHARLES and KEITH bag from DAD..

Though practically, mom didnt saw me grow up and was never around during most of my happy and sad times….I still hold fond memories with her… and that our distance cant scratch it away no matter what.

Below are my fond recollections with my mom:

THE BRICKGAME.¬†When I was¬†approximately¬†5 years old,mom was about to leave the house to do some groceries. I insisted to come with her but she refused because according to her she is in a hurry. In exchange, she promised me to bring something the moment she arrives just to keep me in place. Obediently, I agreed and waited for her arrival. Mom eventually went home with a brickgame at hand…I remembered I was so happy that time, and as far as my memory could go, that was the first time I get to appreciate what kind of Mom I have… too materialistic indeed fitted to a child’s “maturity”

DISTANT from MOM.¬†Mom arrived from Libya in year 1996. It was straight 3 years that I never saw nor experienced having a mom around. I grew up with my Dad, with a man’s culture of doing things. Me and my siblings have adopted and got used with the situation. I remember that was September of 1996 that Mom arrived at the house and attempted to hug me…but I ran and hid to my room. I felt she was a complete stranger though I know she is my mom and remember that I have a mom. It¬†took me 1 week before I started to come close to her and get used with her presence. It was mostly a fear of rejection which until now I dont have any idea where I got it.

NUTRISTAR and BBQ. When I was in grade 2, Mom decided to stay with us for a year and made up her mind not to go back to Libya. All of us were glad with that decision, and that decision of her changed the course of my life.¬†Before, I dont have any idea how to study and it was her who trained me to be competitive and aim for high grades. She shared me her tips in studying which I kept until now. The mediocre grade 1 student evolved to someone better in grade 2. Mom would wait for me outside of my classroom until the end of our classes. Every after class, it was a routine that Mom would buy me NUTRI STAR and would prepare BBQ for lunch. She spoiled me that time and I loved the feeling having my mom around all the time… The house becomes lighter and I would agree when people say that Moms are ” ILAW ng TAHANAN”

COMPUTER QUIZ and SPELLING.¬†I remember when I was in grade 3 that my teacher in computer gave us a lengthy notes about the proper positioning and letter assignments during computer-typing using the keyboards. Looking at it before, I expected that I would fail on the upcoming quiz. Mom then conditioned my mind and taught me how to break things out to make it easier. After 3 hours, I was¬†surprised¬†that I mastered the typing positions. The day after, my classmates were all nervous for the exam, apart from them, I kept silent and know that I am very ready for the exam…. As expected, I was one of the highest pointer that time and all my classmates were amazed how I did it.

The commonly¬†misspelled¬†word, “rendezvous” , is one of my most treasured word from mom. She taught me that sometimes¬†pronunciations doesnt¬†¬†come on how they are correctly spelled. I could still hear her break it down for me by saying, ” REN-DEZ-VOUS”….whenever I hear that word, it is Mom that comes first to my mind.

Today, I remained thankful of having Mom as my mom. Everything good in me comes from her. I constantly pray that God would give me at least 30 years more to be with my parents most especially to Mom; that I might be able to return all the sacrifices she have given. She is very selfless and that makes her loved by everyone. I would never trade any earthly-joys with my parents. I dont know how would i recover when I loose my parents in the VERY FAR FUTURE….

God knows how hard Im trying to be good and patient to my aging parents. Today, Im happy that with my simple gestures of preparing food for her birthday and giving her wish of a new bag was well appreciated.



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