The good person me ;)

ImageIt is that great feeling one feels after having left a positive acts through one’s  simple ways- that’s how I felt today after accompanying a former classmate of mine Faith in her quest in looking for a better paying job.

Being new and stange to Doha, I played the role as her guide to places and companies that possibly suits and could accomodate her. From  8am to 7pm, we rode taxi from here to there, hopped in the Karwa buses whenever available and walked distances-tower to tower; companies to companies.

Today has been very exhausting for the both of us. We could feel our feet screaming, wanting to retire and call it a day and both of us were glad to have spent this day productively.

I caught myself asking, ” Why am I doing this, where in fact I could just stay at home and enjoy a cold home-made banana shake”, then i realized that it has been my nature to never abandon a friend in need. Faith obviously needs me and I am here willing to help.

After all, Im a good person (that Im reminded off).


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