Thursday Disappointment

Its the last thursday of the month and all of us, employees from American Hospital, were expecting to receive our much awaited January salary today.. I report to my duty wearing a casual outdoor wear, apart from the usual hospital scrub suit, thinking that at the end of the shift, we would hangout on one of the coffee shops in Souq Waqif or restaurants-alike.

Sadly, our expectations were far from reality. The shift ended without even a single dirham on our pockets.  Left broke, my colleagues at work decided to postpone our supposedly ” bonding” moments and save our remaining money for the upcoming money-less week.

Perhaps it is one of the perils of being an employee. One has to bear with its management and constantly abide by its rules and sometimes wants. It may be hard to imagine that no matter how educated nor diligent you were at school and at work, you would sometimes bend to the management of your company or shall i say “mismanaged” company.

Good for me since I have no mouths to feed but I deeply console to most of us who has financial responsibilities to attend to. Imagine how many lives were affected with this kind of situation that even the most bright nor diligent employee has no control over.

At school we were taught that the very key to have a good life is to study hard, work well and get paid. What most universities missed to teach us is how to deal with difficult companies; how to deal with indifferent superiors.

That’s life, we learn from our day to day experiences. With this situation, all of us are learning the hard way. We have been trying our best to manage our money wisely. Still, i am still hopeful that the new management could provide a good solution to the problem. May he save the company for its salvation would affect many lives.


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