Ms. Onion cried

I lost my temper today at Ms. Onion..I failed to control myself and confronted her in a very sarcastic way. I spoke words that may be just but very hurtful. They say words are sharper than knives, well…i think I left a scar on her heart and she might not forget me for doing so.

After hearing an issue that she is telling her boss, “the nurse manager” that I am not teaching her well…that she is blaming us for her ignorance, I sought this nurse manager but failed to catch him. So what I did, I entered the lab going straight to her in a loud voice… I remember me saying these words:

” Ms. Onion why are you telling people that we are not training you, don’t you know I am having a hard time to teach you because you know nothing at all.”

“I have been very patient enough answering you stupid questions like what is the difference between serum and plasma, you don’t even know how to dilute solutions”

“dont talk to me, im upset”

“again this is not training, this is schooling, this profession is not a vocation that you could claim after a month of training”

“if you will stay here, I will make this place a hell for you”

“Go to your Nurse manager or the medical director, complain all you want, Im not afraid, i have my brains to defend myself….you think im afraid…go”

“we caught you lying…you told rasha you have a year of experience in clinical chemistry but you confessed to me that you only have 3months of experience”

“This is the laboratory, Dr. K nor Mr. I don’t have any idea in laboratory practices, this is my place, I will do what i want.”

“the next time you will say lies to me or to other people, watch out, I will wage a war against you”

She tried to say sorry to me but I gave her a very stern look and a very angry stance. All she did was cry loud. She called her husband to pick her up. I was even prepared to talk to her husband but the good thing is her man knows where he stands.

After all the drama that happened, I doubt if she will report to duty tomorrow…Or if she, I will talk to her again and make a compromise to be fair. I will train teach her…but in my own rules, If she cant abide my rules, kalas…go home to kerala.

This lady has brought out the worst in me. Rasha was surprised seeing me very angry. I know what I did is the right thing. I confronted her and told things she should hear. Perhaps its my way of saying that “don’t give me problems now and in the future.”

Yes, I pity her but the more compassion you show to this woman, the more big headed she goes.


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