Dad turned 58!

For the second time, we dinned at PONDEROSA Steakhouse to celebrate Dad’s 58th birthday. Although Dad ate his snack just two hours ago, he cant help his self in eating more and more. As for me, its the unlimited ice cream that I am after. My Mom later felt lethargic after filling his stomach to its maximum.. As for the pictures, as usual, its me and mom who steals every moment. sorry Dad, that’s what you get when you concentrate eating. (laughs)


me and Dad on his 58th birthday

Dad is the youngest among twelve siblings. He is a son of a schools-superintendent and a plain housewife. Based on Dad’s stories, being the youngest doesn’t make him the family’s favorite; he seldom gets the guidance he really needs when he was growing up. Dad recollects that his brothers and sisters would beat him most of the time when he gets too crazy-typical from a growing child. He claims to be battered when he is still a kid.

His mom, although a plain housewife, rarely has time for him since she has a lot of errands to do….looking after twelve kids is indeed a tough responsibility.

Admittedly, sometimes me and my Dad undergoes some slight rifts, I just try to understand his nature based on his family background. He was molded from a different environment and that should be considered when you want to live harmoniously with him.

teachind Dad to open his eyes for the camera

Dad tried to be the best and well loved dad, though most of the times misunderstood, I can see his efforts in trying to be a better man. He is more malambing actually compared to my “cold” mom; and I think its is from him I got my “malambing” nature too.

Likewise, my being temperamental also comes from him; I can see him in myself when I am in the state of my fury. I love my Dad and would never trade him from any other in the world. I learn to understand him and we are now getting along pretty well.. Happy 58th Birthday !


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