Sail on Sonnyboi…keep on Sailing

The night was supposedly planned for Sonnyboi’s dispedida….sad to say…series of events made the planned night just like any other nights in Doha.

Sonnyboi is leaving Qatar for good….searching and moving forward for better opportunities somewhere he refused to confirm. I planned a “dispedida-get-together” for this guy just to talk and bond with him for what might be the very last time we could ever see him in person. As expected, a lot of people confirmed their attendance; only to cancel it few hours before the meeting time. Though disappointed, I stand firm to push through the event; thinking that the night is for him…and he deserves to be treated as such. To worsen everything, Sonnyboi himself choose not to show up…..for some “reasons” of course. Well, I know I did my part to show a little thoughtfulness for the guy but its up to him/them to accept it–Its take it or leave it.

Though without him around, some of us went to Souq Waqif and bond among ourselves, after all, drinking a cup of coffee for a few hours with some friends won’t hurt.

Though disappointed, I still believe the guy deserve some good-wills before he leaves…. thus, this blog entry. Below are the 10 things I think I knew about Sonnyboi



He calls everyone with this tag even those whom he already knew. This term catches everyone’s attention, and his natural weirdness sometimes turns into fondness


He deals with everyone with diplomacy. Just like any others, he has his share of likes and dislikes in people he worked with, but still he treats everyone with respect and made everyone feel that he is a friend.


I really dont know how or who he is in his school but I can sense he is a smart guy in the way he reasons out. He has his way in doing things and has his opinions on matters worth of his attention.


Just like me, he is entertained with Naruto’s everyday’s adventure and classy jokes. I could still remember those time we talk about some exciting episodes we just recently viewed.


According to him and his roomate Christopher, He rarely and I mean RARELY drinks water. He loves coke and choose not to cease his addiction to Soda with any thoughts of staying healthy.


He always comes to duty without a coffee, leading him into asking coffee sachets from his workmates. I remember one day, he asked coffee from me only to find out he already asked another sachet of coffee from someone else. He told me, he is collecting coffee for his next shifts.


He has this love interest with Christina, which in turn didn’t blossom. But still, his fondness with Christina still remains, even though Christina left Doha for good, that in turn leaving him heart-broken, though I dont know how serious his feeling is for the girl—-or is it?


Sonny has this unique voice that I never heard from any other man.I can’t describe since I cant find any adjective that fits what I hear. People who have met him and talked to him knows what I meant by this.


Whenever we hang out and the conversation goes green, Sonny goes silent and seems never to exist. He refuse to join the conversation. I dont know if he felt offended or has no experience of some sort. A virgin at 23? really Sonny?

10. ALWAYS with a CAP when OUT

A Cap is always part of the guy’s fashion whenever he wears a casual wear. I dont know If its me who noticed it but it seems that caps are one of his “must haves” whenever he goes out with friends.

I may never knew Sonnyboi in a deeper sense, but I know he is a good guy and good guys prosper in life. Godbless Sonnyboi…till we meet again…that I dont know when. Sail on… I know the waters ahead might not be calm at all times, but keep sailing on…


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