Getting a tattoo

A random idea of  having a tattoo got into me few months ago and up to now, I am still considering such thought. Maybe my exploratory impulses kicked again and apparently becomes regular. I really dont know if it is good nor would it look nice on me.

One thing is for sure, If im going to get one, it would be a dragon tattoo  with a tail appropriately resting on my right shoulder. Shall anyone call me ” the man with a dragon tatoo” then?—that might sound cool and hot.


I am aware that tattoos are permanent and that whenever I have decided to get one, I should stand and remain firm for it.

I happen to ask my bestfriend Pong, who happens to have a tattoo on his leg, what made him decide to blot his skin with an ink and I was struck by his answer.

Pong told me that he got his tattoo when he was on his loneliest stage of his life; feeling alone and misguided. He hoped that by getting a tattoo, all those feelings would be marked and would remind him in the future that he had gone all through that.

Just like Pong, At present Im at a stage where I feel alone, empty and lonely. I feel life has been too slow and I am being misguided. My sense of direction is superficial. It seems Im just merely existing in this world and just adding a single digit to the population’s figures.

Well, just like my friend, I thought having a tattoo would mark this stage of my life and would remind me, if so, that its was this year that things seems be messy.

As for the physical pain, I know I can bare it, I may look soft but my core is as hard as a rock. The pain has never been part of my hesitations; it something greater than that.

Shall I have one or no? A decision is yet to be made…….


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