My parents have been sinking with a lot of financial obligations-from the varied loans we took in the past to the not-so-obliged-life support of my brother’s family. And this month just proved just that. People thought that we live a bounty life…having mom working as a nurse at a government hospital in Qatar and Dad as an Engineer at a fairly reputable construction company. Equating their salaries are the varied loans and financial obligations they are attending to.

And so, the crisis lives on. Today, our landlady was pressuring my mom to pay our house rent. Mom, unfortunately has a few rials to spare and told me if I could help her pay the rent as of the moment. So, I decided to apply for a “cash advance” from my hospital — and the story begins here.

The moment I reported for duty, all I could think about is how and when would I apply for the said cash advance. I am fully aware that my hospital is in brink of financial turmoil and has been rejecting any cash advance applications so as giving our monthly salaries on time. With all those in mind, I planned on how I could convince the administration to grant my request. So the thought of threatening them of not reporting to duty the following day sounds good. After all, If I will not report to my duty, the laboratory would collapse and it would create a great problem for the whole hospital itself.

I went to Erika to have my request prepared and then proceeded to the HR office to have it signed and approved. I explained to the manager that I badly need the money and I need it now. I made it obvious on how serious I am without telling my life’s drama. Then Mr. Izzeldin, the HR manager, told me that he would forward my request to the accountant and have it approved with the finance manager.

An hour after, I came back the the HR office to followup my request. Later did I know that my paper has been forwarded to the accountant. So I went to the accountant’s office and asked about the status of my request. It was with this guy where I told him on how badly I need the money and lightly threaten him that I would not report to duty the following day if so my money wont be release, lieing that I would be searching for a part-time job just to satisfy my needs. So the accountant told me that he understand my situation and would discuss the matter to the finance manager—and that I would have to wait after few hours.

An hour before my shift ends, I was very agitated of the fact that no updates were being relayed to me. I was sitting next to a stale telephone- waiting for an approval call from the accounts office. On the hype of the need, I rushed to the administration office and overheard the three accomplices talking- The finance manager, the accountant and the HR manger. They were talking in a mixed arabic and english language—they seemed to be talking about me. They were formulating on an excuse to say right in front of my face. I overheard the finance manger becoming furious about my threats while the other two might just be fairly airing out my side and the possible consequence it might lead into.

I was there standing infront of administration office door–trying to understand their discussions. I was at my post for approximately 10 mins-waiting for their “meeting” to end. Then, the door opened and the accountant was shocked with my presence infront of the door….waiting and seemingly prepared to battle things out.

Then I asked him, ” any updates with my request?” then the accountant told me with wide eyes opened, “okey just a minute” ,

He went back inside and seemingly whispered things to the HR manager and finance manager. After a couple of seconds, the finance manager went out of the door and came to meet me. I looked to him straight to the eye and noticed his reddened face….maybe because of the his high blood pressure after being upset with my threats.

I tried to maintain a stern and a no-nonsense look. We had a casual greetings to open up the conversation and then I began telling him the urgency of my request. He replied  in a mid-high voice, that he doesnt like my threats and told me that it is not a good way to negotiate things. The man in his glasses looking straight at me told me a metaphor, “If a child is crying, it takes a few minutes to prepare for his milk” just like my request, I did a request, and so I should give him time to accomodate such request. He told me blah blah blah excuses which I know for sure were’nt true. I cut him in the middle of his sentence saying

“Mr. Khalil, I rarely go to this office and ask for advance, I am here because I badly need the money and I badly need it today” ,

 He then brought up the topic that he could terminate me if I dont report to duty..I didnt elaborate more on my threats since I know it might lead me to greater troubles, then I said again,

“Mr. Khalil I really need the money and what I am asking is just a portion of my salary, its just 1000QR, thats all I need, I hope you understand my situation”

He then toned down (maybe because I was calm the whole time and didnt gave him a fight) and said,

“You only need 1000QR, you dont need more?”

I smiled at him and told him, “ofcourse if you could give me more it is much appreciated but what I need as of the moment is 1000QR.

He then called the accountant to prepare my one-month salary. With a deep sigh, the accountant left the room.

Then he then told me, “I will try to accomodate your request today, give me your number and I will call you this afternoon”

then, I repeat my line again ,”Mr. Khalil I hope you could grant my request today since I badly need it this afternoon,” and then he nodded at me…seemingly avoiding an eye-to-eye contact.

As I was about to turn my back at him, he stopped me and told me,

Prince, one more thing, whenver I say good morning to you please reply good morning too, you are taking things personal at me. I hope you will take our financial issues professionaly.”

Then I said, “Mr. Khalil I cant remember a time that I didnt greet you”

he replied, “No, whenever I say good morning to you, you just snob me”

Then I smiled and said my fake “thank yous”

And so 3pm came and it seems that I couldnt take my advance as for the moment. So I went home and told my mom that I dont have money with me and that I am seriously thinking of not reporting to duty the next day. I then shared everything that happened that day to Mom. In the middle of the conversation, I received a call that If I could come back to the hospital and take my cash advance—and so I rushed to the hospital and took what is due to me.

All the drama of today ended well. The whole time I was talking with my near-furious finance manager was my mom. I was also about to raise my voice but believe me, I really saw a picture of my mom. Then I thought, If i would loose my cool, I might be able to insult this guy and he might terminate me for such. If I would get terminated, no one could give and remind my mom of his medicines and would cook for them. If I was thinking of myself alone, I could have gave the man a good debate and debacle. If i get terminated, there are a lot of work waiting for me in my place. But then I again, I choose to keep my cool, I choose to deal things with diplomacy. I choose to talk things out well and appeal nicely.

I agree that giving threats of not reporting to duty isnt a good idea. If I am in the place of the finance manager, I might have done actions about such threats. I am glad that I was in a win win situation. I got the money and I didnt lost the respect of our finance manager. Our conversation ended well and I didnt regret of doing so. After all, diplomacy is really the best way to deal with things.

MY CHOICE of BEING GOOD is because of my MOM and that choice gave me a great advantage at the end.


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