As most people spend a mahor part of their adult life at work, job satisfaction is an important element of individual wellbeing.

What factors contribute to job satisfaction?

How realistic is the expectation of job satisfaction for all workers?

Most people have been trapped in the “rat-race” of life, where they do the routines of work just to pay the rent, buy food and attend to various financial obligations. Just as important as our jobs are, satisfaction shall also be met in order to sustain the very vein that feeds us and kept us alive.

For me, job satisfaction could be attained with the following: (1)Just compensation, (2)Good realationships among collegeaues, (3) Feeling of self worth, (4) Positive outputs.

JUST COMPENSATION.  Having a just compensation is the main concern of all workers. It is the main reason why people forced themselves to wake up early in the morning, sacrifice their breakfast and ensures a perfect performance at work. It is the the most obvious exchange for all the sacrifices made for the benefit of his/her company. Without this, worker’s morale would sink and outputs won’t be very pleasing for sure.

GOOD RELATIONSHIP AMONG COLLEAGEUS. Working in a company would then require you to work as a team, and that, you should be a good team player yourself. Having a good relationship amongst your peer would make your work-life a lot more easier- It would not only ease down the tensions at work but also would wipe-out the boredom,often times, attached to it. Happy workers equals good results.

FEELING of SELF WORTH. The fact that you feel wanted and needed by your company/institution makes you happy and satisfied somehow. The feeling of being appreciated for all your efforts you contribute makes you strive even harder to produce more positive outputs.

POSITIVE OUTPUTS.   Upon seeing/witnessing a positive change after all your contributions at work, One could feel satisfied that his hardships have paid offf and had helped clients in various ways. By seeing these outputs, one could feel satisfied on his/her role in the company.

However, In today’s modern world, no job is perfect enough to meet all its employees satisfaction. For example, a high paying job would demand from its employees more outputs than what used to be; adding more loads of pressure to the nature of work itself. The more pressured the employees are, the more grumpy they become which affects, for sure, the interpersonal relationship amongst co-workers. Morever, having a bad relationship among your colleageues might be an avenue for you to question your worth for the company; as others might question your ability to carry on your job well and on time. By all these mentioned realities, positive outputs are rarely attained which lowers further the morale of all the company’s employees.

Impossible as it may seem, job satisfaction could somehow be attained by being patient and tolerant enough to each others uniqureness, thus the word adaptability comes into play. Open communication and respect are two other factors worth mentioning too.

Job satisfaction, therefore, could not be attained by simply setting up your own standards. It is in the way how you deal with your job, the people you are working with, and the expectations expected from you as a team player of your company. By simply engaging yourself the “right attitude:, job satisfaction might  be and could be a reality.


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