Taking the IELTS


Al Ahnaf International School

Taking this kind of English assessment examination is a requirment to be able to work on an English-speaking country. Just as what the examination is claiming, getting good scores would open a whole lot of doors both academically and professionaly.

Finally, I took the IELTS examination last saturday at Al Ahnaf Independent School here in Doha. It was blessed to have a “suki” car-lifter in the name of Ismail. Though the location of the school is a bit far and obviously inaccesible to public transportation, I managed to come to the testing center on time and at ease because of such good guy like Mr. Ismail.

I arrived at the testing center an hour before the registration began. I was actually expecting a few number of examinees but as I opened the door of the center, I was surprised to see a lot of people of varied nationalities waiting for the start of the registration for the exam. Most of them look young and I figured that they might be high school students, probably in their senior year, seeking for an opportunity to study in London or somewhere in Europe. As I listen to them talking about their plans for college, I thought that these guys were so lucky to be born rich and able to entertain an idea of attaining high degrees on the the knowledge-center of the world -EUROPE. There were a few Filipinos like me but I never got the guts to approach them and talk to them, after all they look very young and immature.

I was drinking my self-made coffee while standing on a corner when an intercom beeped and formally welcomed us, examinees, for the IELTS examination. The examinees where grouped into 8 groups to facilitate and make the registration process more speedy. As I was falling in line on group 6, I felt my tummy is having problems of its own, then I realized that I should make some “pupu” soon or I might screw my whole examination. Then, I immediately searched for the nearest toilet and released all the bad elements inside me. I farted loud and that soud echoed throghout the whole comfort room. I knew some people coming in and out heard it but I never gave much attention to it, all in my mind was if I would not release my pupu, I would really fail this exam.

Feeling relieved this time, I fall in line back to group 6. They verified all my documents and took photos of me for security purposes. Mobile phone and bags were left on a courtesy counter and water bottles were stripped of their brand labels. All staffs are British and have total control over all examinees. Naturally rude nationalities like Egyptians nor Qataris remained submissive through the whole process.

After I was admitted to the testing room, I immediately head to my assigned table and chair. There, I sat quietly and patiently as other examinees were going through the final registration processes. I took a quick orientation of the room and was a bit surprised on what was written on the board. It reads “UNIVERSITY of CAMBRIDGE, ESOL EXAMINATIONS” , coincidentally, I used the reviewer from the same institution and expected that same format and tricks might be applied on the examination proper. By that fact alone, I felt relaxed and at ease.

Then the listening examination began. As expected, the same format as to my review came out. The tricks made by the recording failed to lure me into their trapped since I had been prepared for such. After the listening, the reading examination immediately began. We were given only an hour to complete the examination. Just after I write my answer on the last number, the time was up. I never got the chance to review my answer and think it more thoroughly. The same thing happened with the  wiritng exam. I hate the topic itself on part 2 and I think that I failed to produce an impressive essay. As with the reading exam, I was not able to review my work. After the three test were administered, we were dismissed and were reminded of our different time schedules for the speaking examination. I was assigned to attend to my speaking exam at 4:00pm of the same date, so I decided to go home for a while and take a  good nap.

I went back to the tesing center at exactly 3:30pm and upon registering for the speaking exam, the proctor told me to proceed to my room and would commence the exam immediately,I entered room 10, and there was Mr. Scott, the one assigned to asses for my speaking, waiting. He introduced himself first and so do I. For the first parts of the speaking, I think I made a good start and made an impression that I am a fluent speaker of the language but on the second part of the exam, I think I blew everything up. I was asked to talk for two minutes on the topic :If I have a lot of money, what would be the one thing I wish to buy”Due to the simplicity of the topic itself, I dont have much to say about it. Though, I kept talking until I was informed to stop, I realized that my thoughts were disorganized, and its candidness makes it more bare and shallow. My thoughts were just running around the same reason. I walked out that room feeling depressed. I felt that I was not able to give my best and was not able to impress the examiner.


after the examination, took picture to document this day

Now, I am waiting for the results of the examination and I am still hoping at leat I would get a band score of 7.0. Though Im fine with the thought of taking it again, but its so humiliating for my part of not having at least a band score of 7.0 and a low score on the speaking part! huh! I really felt I lost my english communication abilities that time. Still, I am hoping for the best and positive vibes must rule!!! There’s nothing I could do about it, whats done has been done.


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