Thinking again..

I thought I have recovered from a bittersweet memories but  the lonesome days here in Doha always relives every moment of you in my heart and mind. It has been almost three years since everything between us shattered—a bond that was thought to be strong enough that could withstand any storms but sadly it broke by itself.

I have my own share of mistakes and so do you. We both know I have been too good and by that have been abused. Was my decision of leaving you the right one? If so, why am I still thinking about you? Why am I hurting with the mere thought that someone is bringing you happiness right now.

Well, I have been into four-failed relationships after–non of those proved to be worthwhile. Despite all your imperfections, everything seems to be perfect and magical in the sense of falling in love with you over and over again.

After the painful things we’ve been through, Im happy you have moved on and there’s no reason for me to keep you within me. But why can’t you leave me? These past weeks, I woke up weak by the thought of how our fates  have lead us  to. We took different roads-both claiming to be the right ones.

I console with the fact that we would remain friends though in our silence and absence. Yes, it has been three long years since then and I am not done yet in picking up the pieces of put myself in complete tact. There are a lot of friends I want you to meet, a lot of good things I want you to experience and a lot more in my life that worth sharing for.

I would miss all our bedtime chats–summing up the day we had. I would surely miss our pizza splurges. I miss going to places niether of us knew. I miss the times that we just hang out and everything seems perfect.

May God bless you in all your endeavors and May you have a very successful career ahead of you. I am forever thankful to you for changing me into a better one. Thank you for repealing all my hatreds and insecurities in life. Thank you for simply bringing out the best of me.

Moving on it is… I can see you moving miles away ahead of me. It seems you’re on a train while Im on a road walking my way through. Farewell dear friend and I carry all our memories together wherever I may roam.


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