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The moment I step out of the bed, I hurriedly checked the internet for my long awaited IELTS result and was the very elated for the unexpected high scores i got. Honestly, I saw my Listening and Reading mark coming but what surprises me was that of my speaking which made me anxious for the last 12 days of waiting. I felt I haven’t shown my best on this part of the exam and knew I should have done better. But doing better isnt necessary now for a score of 8.0 is more than enough.

Well, I really felt proud of what I have achieved given that I never asked any trainer nor had a formal training to help me out in all the various tasks ahead of me. I simply believed in myself and remained positive that I could rock this examination. I targeted for a band score of 8.5 in all categories and was more than contented of having at least two of them bulled eyed.

Having these scores at hand opened a lot of opportunities for me overseas. Now, its time to move-on and proceed to the next step in getting a more stable job in the United States. God really provides 😉


4 thoughts on “IELTS result

  1. Hi, I’ve read your ielts blogs, your score is really impressive (congrats!), am just wondering which books did you use for the preparation? Also, can i ask for advice, tips and sample questions that appeared during the exam.

    • hi gretch…i just downloaded two ebooks from the internet using bitlord…. try to search on bitorent or any torrent downloader for “Cambridge IELTS 7 and 8″… try to target a perfect score on each set of practices and set a time limit to finish those. For the speaking…try to be natural as much as possible, crack jokes if you can.. I hope this can help.

      • Appreciate the immediate reply 🙂 I acquired both of these books sometime ago, i guess i am on the right track, I really hope to get the same results as you 🙂 If I may ask, did you know how many mistakes you had for Listening and Reading to get the 8.5 band?

      • honestly I was expecting a 9.0 for those two categories…but based on the booklet of IELTS produced by the British council, to get a score of 8.5, mistakes should not go further than 3 out of 40. God bless to your exam! just relax and enjoy the test as much as you can 😉

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