The London Trip fail

Just recently, I got an invitation from a fraternity brother to visit him in London for a what could possibly my “greatest travel” ever. I began to picture out myself stepping out from the Heathrow airport, experiencing the cool London-air, witnessing before my eyes the lush green city trees and traveling from here to there probably by train.

A day after I received such invitation, I started to inquire all the needed documents for such travel. First I did was checking on qatarairways on available flights and prices. The airfare seems affordable and bearable by my own humble employment income. Then, I checked on the visa processing and documents needed. Among all the requirements posted, I knew I would flop on the income and salary certificate but yet I still tried to apply online for a british tourist visa.

After approximately an hour on submitting such application, an agent from the United Kingdom called me and discuss with me all the needed documentations. She asked about the nature of my work, computed my monthly and annual salary and asks the nature of my visit. Though trying to conceal it, I could sense from the woman’s voice that she thought that my salary isn’t enough for the unevitable London rates. I then explained that my shelter, food and expenses would be taken cared of by a good friend of mine. Though she collected and accepted such information, I know that application is a fail.

Anyways, I know this time isn’t my time to visit London. I know in the future I could get to visit this historical city. A place where modern civilization got its roots–and by that time I would remember this dissapointment and thus, this blog entry.


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