Temper blows off with HIND

There I went again…setting loose my temper over a workmate who adpated a big head after two months of joining us.

We have a new Sudanese laboratory technologist who just got hired in our “prestigious” hospital. In terms of working attitude, she’s fine, she’ll do. For skills, naah…needs more training but we can teach her somehow. In terms of reaching out to her, all of us are having a hard time. She cant understand nor speak english well. Its like you are speaking to a 5 year old girl who doesnt know the basic vocabulary of english.

I was very patient and have been very understanding to her. I taught her all the things she needs to know even the basic ones in our field. Even the simplest details and personal strategies, I shared and given a lot of me to her. To sum it all up, we had a good working relationship as senior-protege’ is concern.

Our complication rooted in her unwillingness to cooperate with the rest of us in terms of scheduling. She have been granted of all evening shifts and friday offs for a months because of her “motherly-dramas” in life. Now comes the time that Nadeem, one of our colleague, resigned from his position leaving the five of us covering for all shifts not to mention the useless night shifts covered by me and Jena alone. This month of August, I have requested for a friday off, which I seldom do, to attend a friend’s birthday celebration. Because of my request, she should do one Friday evening duty. What pisses me off is that she doesnt give way to me nor to anyone else who also needs a friday off. She has been so selfish and was thinking about herself alone. And so, I confronted her with regards to the issue and everything went bad and I exploded. She saw the bad side of me and have witnessed my stern look whenever my temper blews off. She raised her voice to me and so I did to her. I demanded for respect that I deserved. I was just fighting for what is right and fair not only to me but to all of us working the same department.

I might have crossed the lined by saying ” If you cannot abide the rules of the hospital, the rules of the laboratory, might as well go home”. What I want to let her understand is that she should be fair to us and be considerate. Perhaps, Sudanesse people do have low employability chances in various institutions because of such attribute, (I happen to know someone with same nationality). To make things worst, I guess she doesnt understand what I was trying to imply to her. Its really hard to talk nor argue to someone who doesnt understand you.

All I know was I just voiced out and fight for what is just and fair. Sorry, she happens to step into someone who complains a lot whenever abused of his goodness. Better luck next time Hind.


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