Embarking my 24th year of living

Every year, I always gather my friends to celebrate my birthday and last August 30, 2012 and August 31, 2012, I did just that–celebrating my 24 year in this unpredictable world.

“Life is short so better enjoy as long as you can” this has been my mantra that I may live my life with no regrets.

With good friends like Erinee, Leah and Christopher, I was able to prepare some food at an instant at the expense of cash of course. The trio went with me few hours ago before the “party” to help me carry on all my orders and serve them to the people who joined us in my birthday merry-making. Fortunately, Jena was more than willing to lend us her media com that we may be able to sing the night away. On the other hand, Carlson was my way of acquiring a vodka at a reasonable price. The rest unnamed contributed by their mere presence and their hard-to-hide loquacious nature. Bottomline, we all had fun.



The “party” ended at about 5am the following morning. I was happy to see all of them got at least tipsy and had unleashed their inner Usher and Maddona on the “sing-dance floor”. I could even imagine how Vannie grooved on with her unique way of flirtatious dancing.

The moment I went home I forced myself to get some sleep since I had made a promise with Laarni, Stephanie and Klaire that I would be treating them for my birthday. We decided to meet up at City Center Mall at around 2pm. We booked our tickets for the “Step up-revolution” show. The movie was just a right pick for a feel good day ahead. I treated the three of them at a buffet Chinese restaurant had made ourselves human pigs at the process.


After a heavy meal and movie viewing, we tried once again our newly found hobby – ice-skating. For the record, I am now able to walk on ice properly and got the rhythmic balance of ice walking though I still need the company of a penguin (laughs). Laarni still had a hard time getting the right timing while Klaire barely made any good walk since it was her first time. Stephanie ofcourse is our star in this field and I am happy to made it with her on the center of the ice skating rink


The night ended of course with a bottle of vodka. I went home happy and had added another fun experience with my friends in a new place. I hope to see more of like these in the coming years. Happy 24th birthday to me 😉


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