“Pschologizing” a broken promise

Every man is inclined of choosing people who they trust. The “choosing” process is a careful self deliberation and relative justification of factors of giving away such trust. Giving something a bit of important information about oneself that is too personal often asks the receiver a commitment to keep it to his/herself, thus, making a PROMISE. 

THE WORD. Merely breaking down the words of PROMISE, leads us to two syllables- PRO and MISE. The word “PRO” means a positive favoritism of a certain proposition, on the other hand, “MISE” means “agreement in simple legal terms. However, I’ve figured, by simply adding two letters, “RY” makes the “promise” into a “pro-misery”. Indeed, a promise always comes with a promisery afterwards since promises are often always broken.

THE PERSON. Does someone who broke his/her promise makes him a bad one? well, the answer is always relative. Closing down to absolute reasons are for people who are born in the medieval ages. A number of reason could be considered why man always do break their promises. I, for one, have broken a lot of made promises.

Lets take for example my own personal experience, No one knows the direct link to this blog or have any idea that I do have a personal space in the web except for one. Neither my best friends nor closest kin knows anything about this blog. I repeat, only one knows about this directly. I dont even TAG my posts with keywords to maintain its privacy to the maximum.

I just found out that the “one” told “someone” about this. The thought of it stunned me in a way remembering of the trust I gave to her and hope that since everything ended, the knowledge of the existence of this space would be buried. I know she has her personal reasons maybe of reassuring “someone” of their newly re-woven commitment to each other, leaving her very simple commitment to me  of keeping this blog even to “someone” broken.

I know she has no intention of doing so, but time dictates that at some point, she has to be honest to the fullest and that I completely understand. By this understanding also asks the same understanding of how betrayed do i feel.

THE BLOG.  My blog has an understatement “thoughts that are too personal” It is in here where I do express my deepest thoughts that I expect no judgement as to who I am. This blog is intended also to keep the memories I wanted to remember wherever, whenever and whoever are those people that I met and had great times/ bad times with. It is in here where I pour out my anger, frustrations and simple rejoices that I don’t show often to people.

Now, if “someone” doesn’t like my previous posts then you have the choice not to visit this after all. By simply doing so would prove your security to yourself and to her. After all, I should not/never matter to the two of you.

And to YOU who asks me to delete some posts here, I really do appreciate your politeness but I really am sorry, I can never delete any posts I publish for that would mean I am deleting the memories as well as the learning I got from that experience.

For the two of you, I am genuinely happy for your happiness and contentment, though it doesn’t show but really, I truly am. People around us might say Im bitter about what happened, well in some point yes but now, I have a better perspective on things. People might add charcoal into the flames between us but my conscience is clear and my thoughts are clear….again, I really am happy for the both of you.

For “someone” I wish to say Im sorry for crossing my line before and i oath not to do it again to “you” nor to anyone else. I was terribly wrong and that might even broke your heart over and over. It might be late of saying my apologies but its the noble thing to do to close everything. Im not expecting that we could be friends after all but I wish we could.

For “you”, I know you are a good and sincere person. I understand why you do broke your promise…really I understand. It was really great of meeting a “typical taurean woman”


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