For months, I have been so anxious about my papers submitted to the CFGNS head office in Philadelphia for the Visa screen certification. Though most people might think its an easy task for a medical and allied practitioners, mine isn’t. I almost most spend a nearly a year to complete complying all the requirements needed given that I am currently based in Doha and my brother Jake, who is so into his voluntary nursing job, rarely has time to travel from Island to island to file for the said requirements in my behalf.

Fluidity of money is another issue. This year I have been prioritizing which and where should I spend my money leaving the paper processing behind the table. I have spend practically 20,000 php just for my brother’s inter-island processing necessities. To make situations worst, Jake has been into a financial mishaps that he couldnt help but spend my money for more important reasons.

Moreover, my birthdate registered at the Professional Regulation Commission was September 27, 1983 which it should have been August 27, 1988. I dont know was it me or the said office is to be blamed. All i know is that I should correct the discrepancy on my papers if I were to be successfully CGFNS certified . Luckily, a random phone call to a good friend of mine seems to be a whisper from an angel. It was Pong who corrected everything for me in barely just two weeks.

I am glad I am done with this papers processing for future VISA processing to the United States. Now, I am gearing and preparing for the next phase–looking for a potential employer. I hope I could find a good one before the second quarter of next year.

I know God has his plans for everything and thus, he gave me these “paper-complications” for a good reason. May it be that he is testing my determination or testing how far should I go with my own ambition in exchange with my family’s needs. Whatever It is, I think I passed the test! Kudos to future applications! United States of America – here I am waiting!


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