Its Christmas and its the season of merry making,eating and parties. More importantly, it is the season of giving and thanks giving. Well this christmas, these are the four things I am so thankful about:

1. Mom and Dad’s HEALTH. I always and constanly remind myself of my main purpose in staying here in Doha, and thats to take care of my parents in anyways possible. I am so thankful that they are in good condition somehow. Though, we do have some slight rifts with Dad sometimes, we still managed to mend our differences and meet at the middle. I can say we are in a harmonious relationship ever.

2. FINANCIALLY SURVIVING. After tons of debts from banks etc, I am thankful that we are still surviving as a family and were able to cover all of those things. People thought that we are fortunate having both parents working on relatively fair companies, but what they didnt know is a ton of financial responsibilities behind them. We still managed to eat whatever we want, send more than enough money to the Philippines, and sometimes spoil ourselves with earthly goods. Financially, we are coping and doing ok……and thats a lot to be thankful for.

3. LIVING in DOHA. Yes, some call this a land of promise; a rising future in the desert-that description is good enough for westerns (americans,europeans), for a normal Filipino guy like me, this is a place where social injustices exists and is growing. Left and right, you’re eyes could prove what I mean. I am happy for having been able to cope up with the culture and the “injustices”. Having friends around is a great factor of course. Thank you for my workmates and the people I meet and made friends in Doha. Being alone kills, Can’t imagine life here without our weekend gimiks.

4. MENDING all the MESSES. I messed up in terms with my lovelife but I think we are starting to put things behind us, (i hope). I have learned from it and laugh on the stuffs I did for the thing they so called “LOVE”. People screw things up, and I do have a good share of story to tell with that. Good vibes and puting everything behind…..that’s something worth doing.

Happy Christmas to everyone 😉


Experiencing Qatar’s National Day


me, joanna and Anjo

We are standing on Shakey grounds–with impeding work termination upon us and recent fight with one of the higher ups of my hospital, I always feel that my stay here in Doha is timed. May it be me or my friends, I know somehow and sooner, someday has to go.

Spending the most of what Qatar has to offer has been a new mantra of mine. Savoring the sweetness yet sometimes bitter flavour of this tiny arab nation.

Every 18th of December, Qatar celebrates their National Day and I did my best not to spoil the occassion without me in it. So I opened the idea to my network and luckily got a positive response from two unexpected friends of mine – Anjo and Joanna. Leah’s presence was part of the initial plan but she ditched us over her boyfriend at the very last hour of our call time.

The three of us decided to meet up as early as 4am so as to secure a good spot and a cozy position for the parade. I was worried since these guys are from Matar Qadeem and might have a limited idea about the roads of Al Sadd, which was evidently true. We agreed to meet up at Al Bidda park just adjacent to the Qatar National Theatre. I believe my instructions of the place were as clear as crystal and that I am confident that the cab that would bring them through would know what spot I was reffering to. In contast, what happened was their driver dropped them off approximately 2 or 3 kms away from where I was waiting- the very place my instructions is pointing them to. I arrived at the Al Bidda entrance 10 min before 4am. Me and anjo opened our lines althroughout via whattsapp. To make the situation worse, the two heavy-pounded individuals aren’t sure of the road they’re walking into. It took us an hour or more before we were able to meet up and assemble. We entered the Al bidda Park at around 5:45am.

Dr. Dinesh, Mr. Salem and Wife

Unexpectedly, we have secured a relatively good spot for the parade and we chatted worldly-things while waiting for 8am to strike for the commencement of the event.  Surprisingly,  we saw our general Manager and Finance Manager two rows behind us and we still kept our cool and “play blind” with their presence. Me and anjo struggled to take a photo of them to post on Instagram for that could be a sure hit among our peers. Beside is a photo of them I took while they are busy; Salem taking photos while Dr. Dinesh sending messages perhaps.

Then , the parade started with an Arabic hymm….might be Qatar national anthem…what exactly was it is we have no idea. Dumbfounded as we were, we still enjoyed Qatar’s display of military strength and acrobatics. Expats would agree with me in saying that their multi billion oil industry gave them all they need to defend a tiny country as this. For countries who has/ future plans of invading Qatar, they might strategise well for this Nation would give all they have to defend it.

The crowd was a mix of nationalities. Black, White, Asians or Westerns sit patiently and took off their cameras to document the event in their own ways. People were amazed with the tanks, jet fighters, para gliders, camels, horses, dogs etc.

Personally, I was disappointed of not seeing the Emir on the event. I was expecting He and his whole family would show up and woe the crowd. None of the famous Qatar politicians appeared…

The three of us enjoyed the parade and proved to ourselves that Carl’s statement that he finds the occasion boring and not worth the effort wrong.

To Qatar- More Power

To us – Godbless and Good luck American Hospital Pips!

Going Down

Its too dark in here. Can’t find the light. Been walking alone….thinking alone and all I hear are the silent sounds in my head. I saw people beyond that well-lit posts but I cant get there. They seem happy and here I am standing watching over them.

I force myself into seclusion for no one could understand me. I have built a fortress so strong that no one could enter…In the end, Im trapped in these stones.

Life wents on even without me…its just any other normal days with or without me in it. Now I wonder, If i get lost, would they even notice my absence? If I die, would they even try to search my corpse and give me a descent burial.

Life is complicated and most of the times trivial. A world isnt made monochromatic. Each color complement/supplement and sometimes contrast each other. Yes, adaptation is the key to survive and I have been so slow in getting into there.

I dont know how long could I stand this…I just feel Im going down ready to be shattered into pieces—the only thing that holds me is my FAITH.