Going Down

Its too dark in here. Can’t find the light. Been walking alone….thinking alone and all I hear are the silent sounds in my head. I saw people beyond that well-lit posts but I cant get there. They seem happy and here I am standing watching over them.

I force myself into seclusion for no one could understand me. I have built a fortress so strong that no one could enter…In the end, Im trapped in these stones.

Life wents on even without me…its just any other normal days with or without me in it. Now I wonder, If i get lost, would they even notice my absence? If I die, would they even try to search my corpse and give me a descent burial.

Life is complicated and most of the times trivial. A world isnt made monochromatic. Each color complement/supplement and sometimes contrast each other. Yes, adaptation is the key to survive and I have been so slow in getting into there.

I dont know how long could I stand this…I just feel Im going down ready to be shattered into pieces—the only thing that holds me is my FAITH.


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