Its Christmas and its the season of merry making,eating and parties. More importantly, it is the season of giving and thanks giving. Well this christmas, these are the four things I am so thankful about:

1. Mom and Dad’s HEALTH. I always and constanly remind myself of my main purpose in staying here in Doha, and thats to take care of my parents in anyways possible. I am so thankful that they are in good condition somehow. Though, we do have some slight rifts with Dad sometimes, we still managed to mend our differences and meet at the middle. I can say we are in a harmonious relationship ever.

2. FINANCIALLY SURVIVING. After tons of debts from banks etc, I am thankful that we are still surviving as a family and were able to cover all of those things. People thought that we are fortunate having both parents working on relatively fair companies, but what they didnt know is a ton of financial responsibilities behind them. We still managed to eat whatever we want, send more than enough money to the Philippines, and sometimes spoil ourselves with earthly goods. Financially, we are coping and doing ok……and thats a lot to be thankful for.

3. LIVING in DOHA. Yes, some call this a land of promise; a rising future in the desert-that description is good enough for westerns (americans,europeans), for a normal Filipino guy like me, this is a place where social injustices exists and is growing. Left and right, you’re eyes could prove what I mean. I am happy for having been able to cope up with the culture and the “injustices”. Having friends around is a great factor of course. Thank you for my workmates and the people I meet and made friends in Doha. Being alone kills, Can’t imagine life here without our weekend gimiks.

4. MENDING all the MESSES. I messed up in terms with my lovelife but I think we are starting to put things behind us, (i hope). I have learned from it and laugh on the stuffs I did for the thing they so called “LOVE”. People screw things up, and I do have a good share of story to tell with that. Good vibes and puting everything behind…..that’s something worth doing.

Happy Christmas to everyone 😉


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