Reviewing 2012 goals


Every start of the year, I get to plan of what I want to achieve for the coming year. I happen to check my old blog powered by blogspot and found my 2012 goals.

Above was the exact post I made last January 2, 2012. Fairly, I was able to comply all the requirements for Visa screening and am currently holding such certificate valid for five years. I never got to visit another country due to a number of circumstances. I dont know how much I weigh now but I guess I appear to be 75 kg (eating is a vice that is hard to control) . I never had a chance to find a camel much more to take a picture riding it (No one has this urge aside from me). However, I had obtain a Qatar-driving license and am currently driving Dad’s car. Lastly, I am able to buy a good camera, Sony Rx100 and I am happy with it.

3/6 goals attained…..50%…fair enough and this year I should do better than that. As of the press time, I havent gave a thought about my goals this year. I need more time to contemplate and reflect on my goals this year.

All I hope is that this year would be a good one and would be good and generous to me… Happy new year fellow bloggers!


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