The Dream

After doing the stressful morning duty, I lay on my bed and instantly fell asleep with my uniforms on and my hair left waxed; unwashed.  Though, uncomfortable, I had a really feel-good dream and it goes like this:

I was in a remote area with my medtech classmates. We were lodged together in the same house for a certain reason, it kinda feels like my board examination days when 10 of us shared the same room. The house was made of a typical old Filipino house made of wood and we were staying on the second floor.

Me and my classmates were laughing, throwing pillows at each other, sharing stories under a dim-lit yellow living room. It seems like its 6pm when the sun has just set and darkness begins to engulf the whole area. Suddenly, someone visited us and shouted from outside the said house “Ayo, palihug ko ni Prince”  all of us hurriedly went to the balcony and saw Mom in her orange lacoste polo (its her favorite shirt by the way) carrying an umbrella. She then smiled at me when she saw me and made a guesture for me to go down and meet her.

My classmates then made fun of me being like a “mama’s boy” but instead of getting embarrased, I felt happy. I felt proud actually that Mom took time to visit me which rarely happpens in real life. I can see Jonathan Amante’s face smiling at me as I left the house. We then walked together on a dark, wet road and entered a hotel to dine. While eating, we talked casually like we do, talk about life’s plans etc., then Mom felt the urge to go the wash room and while I was alone on the dinning table, I heard the muslims prayer call ,” Allaah muakbar” and all table transformed into carpets and all bend down on their knees and praised allaah.

then, I woke up….

When I opened my eyes, I realized it was just a dream but deep inside me feels good. I felt good maybe I saw mom in that dream and was treated like a child. I then remember my grade 2 days when Mom would wait for me outside my classroom to fetch me and take me to a nearby restaurant and eat my favorite pancit, lumpia and bbq (which until now are my favorite dishes). I can see the light face of mom smiling and I feel happy.

For me, this dream means one thing, I should stay in Qatar as long as my parents are still here. For weeks now, I have been seriously in deep thought of resigning and going back to the Philippines to move on with my career. Maybe God wants me to spend more time with them, reminding me that I should make the best of my stay here, fill the years that I have been away from her.

Being a son of an OFW might be tough in the growing years. Those tough years might hardened me somehow until I get use to her absence until college. I might be likened to a boiled egg, I’ve developed a hard shell on the outside yet a soft spot still exist inside. Consequence is, a child in me is hungry for a Mom yet left unexpressed and unchecked for years.


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