Interview blown away

I just had a phone interview with a work-agent for the United States and I think I blew off the said interview…

She asked me basic questions about my own personality and answered all of them fluently. Then after, I might have raised a red flag for her with my statement that

“I speak up and lay possible solutions for a certain problem whenever necessary”

For her it was more of a concern than good thing. She told me that that certain personality might make me loose a job in the future and that I should always abide with the institutions’ protocols. I hurriedly clarified myself and told her that I do that only when need and only when asked. But being a retired HR manager in the University of Florida, for her, its really a concern that I should develop into a good one. She ended the conversation by saying she will be putting my application on hold as of the moment and would call me whenever some opportunities might open up. But the thing is, I do, I always bend my ways and follow certain organization’s rules and protocols.

Well, i really missed such chance but what can i do but to accept. Maybe I said the wrong words for the right reasons. Maybe Florida is not for me or someone needs the Job more than I do. She will be interviewing a lot of applicants and I’m pretty sure I’m out of the list now. 

I guess, I have to hone more my answers and beware of the red flags; answer all questions cautiously. I need to start a clean slate with other agents. But still, I’m asking God for a miracle to happen for her to reconsider me…I hope…i just hope!!

But still, I’m pissed with myself why that thing happened! Arg!


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