Till we meet Again Laarni

The month of February 2013 is a month of goodImagebyes. Two of my friends in the same profession as I am have moved forward and left Qatar to give their shot in reaching the “American Dream”.  I wish all the best for Laarni and Jenalyn!

Since I am very sleepy entering this blog, I will dedicate this page in honor for Laarni first, Jena would come later..maybe tomorow If I feel like blogging. ehehe..

Laarni is a colleague from Ramiro and later have been a good friend of mine when I moved to Qatar. Practically, she was the one who introduced Qatar to me. She supported me in my job hunting escapades before, though not present physically, I know I have her support all the way. She came here in Qatar a year before my parents got me on board and live with them here. Whenver I feel like going out and my “American Hospital friends” are in hibernation mode, I would immediately “viber” her and set up an activity, may it be a party or a simple chat over coffee. I tried new things with Laarni like Ice skating, bowling and going to Dukhan beach for a cold dipping.

I would do anything in my power for my friends and have proved that to Laarni. I am glad I have played a good role in obtaining her exit permit to leave Qatar for good. I hope by that good deed, Laarni would remember me and would be a witness that there’s a good side within me.

Things I would miss from Laarni:

1. Her positive aura and smile

2. All out attitude and sponteineity

3.Our outings and even coffee sessions with Stephanie

4. Teasing her with her S#* experiences. (laughs)

Laarni being gone, I felt like a half of my social life died too. Until we meet again ate Laarni! God bless and More blessings to come.


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