It is happening

It is happening… I got the job and Im travelling to a place where my knowledge on my field would broaden further. A place where equality and justice exist and with minimal discrimination among asians. A place where I know I will mature and can see my self as an adult living in the real world, yes Im talking about the United States of America!

I hope everything will go according to plan and everything will go well. I hope my workmates there are kind enough that I would enjoy working with them. I wished to share all the details but the devil’s ear is still lingering around….so better keep things more personal as possible.

I pray everything will go smooth…. Now I realize, my days in Qatar are counted and that I should make the best of my days here. I will surely miss my friends and the hundreds of coffee and tea sessions with them…

the Filipino’s American Dream is happening! Yeah Baby!


2 thoughts on “It is happening

  1. OMG bats!!! I am so happy and proud for you… The American Dream was just a dream but now you grasp it at the palm of your hand… I’m glad that everything conspired so that you will reach this point where you make your dreams into a vivid reality. Having said that, I just want you to be careful and always remember that you have friends here in the Philippines… Distance may be of issue, but I just hope that the communication would still be there. Know this, whatever may happen to you as you embrace the new life you’re gonna undertook there, we are living under the same sky.. I just wish, that as you live the dream, you would never forsake to always seek Him and abide by His plans for He knows what is the very best for you.. God bless and always stay positive even if circumstances are not.. It’s not the magnanimity of the world that matters but how you see it through a perspective of endless possibilities… Miss you much and have a good one there…

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