Living the present

There was a time when I gave up looking for someone who would compliment you in almost all ways possible. There was a time when I got used to my routine being alone and do things on my own….Now, these days are gone. For a month now, I get to know this woman whom I thought would never be possible. 

I am set to leave this country for a few months now and I was focused on this goal of mine, then she came. Untimely as it may seem and things happen as fast as I could imagine. To sum it all up: I am happy.

Now leaving Qatar might not be that easy as it was before, for leaving this place might equate to leave her behind with all the guys around surrounding her. I don’t know what will happen in the future, all I know is at present I am happy.

As the song goes, “the future is not ours to see”. Living the present that’s what I am doing.


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