Letting go AHD LAB


Seven days from now, I will be putting off my gloves and hand over my responsibilities in the labarotory among my peers. I might be leaving and taking new paths; but all is for the better.

I perceive the laboratory im working-in as a “cracked piece of glass”, the handler has only two option, either to keep it and hold on to it carefully or to exert force to break it. Proudly, I can say I did everything to keep it alive and functioning. Being paid at an “asian-rate” in this country, my salary can’t reciprocate how much I have given and sacrificed for the laboratory and for the whole institution itself. I often see myself too brilliant, too skillful and too diligent to be around people who are far from being me (thats the proud me speaking).

I must admit, there was a time that I care less of my department. I just grew tired and became exhausted of giving a 100% of myself into something who can’t reward me what is just for me. Then I realized, If I will not take care of the laboratory, who will? The downfall of the lab would be my downfall.

Sure, I will miss the my workplace for more than two years. It seems that every arrangements and every files in it have my hand prints on it. That’s the thing I like about it, I had full control of almost everything inside. I can hide, edit and do everything at the tip of my finger tips. 

I may not be able to learn advance techniques in my career during my stay here nor handled state-of-the-art diagnostic machines so far, but there is one big thing I will take away from my experience working in the American Hospital Doha-and thats management. Now, I even think I can establish a laboratory of my own given enough funds and connections.

Yes I may rant over and over again in this blog on how wasted I feel at times being here; how the ambitious me settled into somewhere Im too big to fit. Then further contemplations reminded me that I made positive memories here. I met good friends, learn more about life and most importantly learn how to become a better man.

Though I am leaving this place, I hope the people in the hospital will remember me as someone who did his job diligently, a man who respected and treat everyone nicely and the laboratory technologist who releases correct results on time.

I will surely miss you AHD LABORATORY. It is time to let you go and give you to the caring hands of others.


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