Review: Not that Good

Daily Prompt: Four Stars

by michelle w. on June 6, 2013

Write a review of your life —  as if it were a movie or a book.

Prince’ life is full of challenges, lessons and on a constant chase towards happiness. He selects all the goods he find in religion (Christianity, Islam, Catholicism). His life is an unending story of learning and relationships. He has deep respect for knowledge and loves history and astrology.

This guy has an inconsistent and contrasting descriptions of oneself.

He can be bold, cold and ambitious, someone who takes his goals seriously.

Prince never gave his trust away that easy and is fine and settled not being trusted.

Often categorizes the people around him to their designated ranks, each ranks has his/her own benefits and limits.

He is someone who appears to be good but has too a fair share of dark schemes”

Prince is a contemplative man who thinks and worries a lot deep inside. Most of the time, every step he takes are well calculated and purposefully done. He learned to be cautious and knows for a fact that his life story isn’t a business of others. He relies on himself alone and takes favor from others very hard to accept. He thinks highly of himself and have a deep respect of knowledge.

He is aware that people is often motivated by future rewards and tries to master how to use this to his own benefit. He might deceive you by appearing innocent and kind, never try to step on him because this man know how and waits for the perfect opportunity to bite.

His looks might deceive you, he isn’t that good as you might thought.


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