On the Right Track


Here I am on the American soil at last! I am now starting to fulfill the so called “American Dream”. It seems surreal that I am actually here. To live in this country where equal opportunity is given to you makes you feel that you are respected and valued. From employment to social security, everything is within your reach. I felt lucky to be here working at a very young age – that would mean I can start earning enough and save enough for the inevitable future. As of the press time its my 4th day staying here and have just filed my social security ID. As per USA employment rules, I cant start working without the SS ID, giving me more time to acclimatize myself to the new environment I am in.

The major challenge I battle here is the “loneliness” I feel when I am left alone. I sense that I am on my own now and have to stand for myself. What makes it even worse is that I hate ironing my clothes and left it for my mom to do it. Now, I am left with no choice but to take care of myself in everything. I have no one to depend on but myself and myself alone.  Though I have been working in Qatar for two years, I have my parents living with me making it much more easier. Good thing, there’s a Filipino community here, though small, but closely knit. Being with people ease out our loneliness and I pretty much think that all of us need each other to survive in a land that isn’t ours.

Oh well, I know that I will be used to this lifestyle in a few months. The first steps are often the hardest. Being here makes you more appreciative of the new friendships you make, new bonds formed and of course the opportunity of working here. For sure, I will mature here bigtime! I know that I am on the right track! Keep going Prince!


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