Me and My Brother Jake

Me and My Brother Jake

I was browsing my old family pictures and found this. Its me and my brother Jake during our last days seeing each other personally (as of the press time). This picture was taken few days before I went to Qatar for work. We both love the beach and do this “sanding sculpting” whenever we get a chance.

I can’t imagine how my childhood memories would be without my brother Jake. We practically grew up, see and discover the world together, shared blissful and sometimes hard life experiences.

I was born a year after Jake was. The one-year gap between us make it almost no-difference as to how we treated each other. I never saw him nor treated him as an older brother. In fact most of the times, I am acting like Im older and more mature than him. We bathe together, play together, sleep together…practically we share almost all things in life.

We both are adults now, and have our own lives. We seldom communicated with each other but I know for sure that our bond as brothers remain strong as ever. Thanks for sticking with me Jake through thick and thin.


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