Around Good people

I am surrounded with extremely good people here in Williston. From my Flat to the people I am going out with, I know I am with in right circle. I would like to make an entry about my Flatmate and a newly found friend of mine.

Let me begin with my Flatmate which I will refer to as “flatmate” for confidentiality purposes. Flatmate is a the type of guy you will really find mysterious. I can sense that He had drawn the lines between him and me. I cant negotiate his actions and personality …really. Sometimes, he is game for a chat with me, then a few hours after he will become silent again and pass me over as If I never exist. Moreover, I have never met as neat-freak as he is until now. I feel embarrassed most of the times when he cleans the whole flat which to me is still clean and tidy. I, too,  love clean and tidy surrounding and maintains one, but to me, he is the extreme and when I say extreme, I mean really extreme. He is the type of guy that would make a naturally white shiny floor into a squeaky clean, germ-free one. Naturally, he is a good guy but his silence freaks me out. In turn, I try to live with his squeaky standards just not to upset him nor he might think that I am a mess-maker to his bacteria-free palace. With this, our comfort room has a feel and look like those in hotel rooms. We also hangout along with other friends but he still maintains his silence most of the time. Flatmate cracks jokes too and to be fair are really funny. Still I appreciate him as a person. Though we really seldom talk and haven’t got into long conversations, I am thankful he is my flatmate. Thanks to him, I don’t have to worry about cleanliness.

I will refer my newly found friend as “R” for this entry (R stands for responsible). R is also a newbie to Williston like me. We are of the same profession and have been in constant communication months before we both come to the United States for a new opportunity. My long conversations with this guy makes me value of the things I most of the times take for granted. He is the bread-winner of his family and supports 6 people under his wing. He gave all his salary to his family leaving barely nothing for him. His sense of service and selflessness makes me “awe” and reminds me how different our lifestyles are. I have high respect for this man and he really is my idol. His dedication to his family and his selflessness is incomparable to anyone. I know this guy would go miles in his career and in his life. If God will start to reward and bless the good people on earth, he will be the first for sure. I ought to myself to try to adopt his virtues though I don’t promise. I really wish the best for him.

God makes us meet new people in our journey that we may learn from them and I am thankful for placing me on the right place at the right time with the right people around me.


1 thought on “Around Good people

  1. Virgo Man:

    Let me put it this way: Allow me to say words as if we have known each other for ages.

    All the people that surround you are set at the right place and time. Meeting diverse people is part of our everyday living. You will meet people who could either build or destroy you. You have the power of your mind and it is your best weapon, but your lack of sentimentality could shutter you into pieces. What I am trying to tell you is that wisdom and emotion could be the perfect ingredients of a sweet success. You are mutable Virgo man. If you find a friend who is very sentimental, try to win him. Gain his trust and let him gain yours, too. Learn from him and let him learn from you in return. Your mask keeps you safe from this cruel world. It covers your struggles so that no enemy could attack you to bitter your sweet recipe of success. On the other hand, a shield is a valuable armor. You must possess it. It works very effectively just the same way a knight is protected from the deadly spears of his enemies. So complete your ingredients of sweet success by adding shield into it just like choosing the best crabs for your favorite crab recipe.

    I come from a very small circle of friends. I am and was a friend of a Virgo man. I am Canker Luna.

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