SIlliman University


The so called “Silliman Spirit” lives on… being a Sillimanian, I can attest that such thing exist. Well, care to ask me how to define “Silliman Spirit”…hmm… honestly, I don’t have exact words to say…what pops out from my mind are various pictures, experiences, laughter, people, places etc. I’m doing this entry to honor my Alma Matter on its Foundation day.

During my high school senior year, Silliman was never an option. I’ve heard about the school but her name doesn’t make an appeal to me.

I took entrance exams for quite a number of Universities applying for an engineering course. I was then settled to enroll at the University of San Carlos in Cebu and slowly was preparing my move there. One night in May 2005, I had this “serious” talk with my Dad about my career options and my plans for the future; he seemingly implied to me that being an engineer doesn’t suit me based on my personality. (He knows how I hated to be under the heat of the sun and how I easily get irriated when I feel hot). He then persuaded me to take any medical course since according to him, I look better in white and working in a hospital would give the people an impression that Im an “intellectual, refined-gentleman”. To cut the story short, two days after, I went off to Dumaguete and took the entrance exam for the medical technology program.


I was living in a dormitory called the “New Mens Dormitory”.  It has a reputation of housing the “rich kids” and the “mind-gifted” men of the school. A good start to build a reputation huh? (laughs.) During my first night in the Dorm, I felt sad, and overwhelmed. Sad because I need to make new friends; overwhelmed because Im entering college and Im on my own.

I was told that usually for a newbie like me in the Dorm, there this thing they called “initiation” to be accepted by the veterans. I heard that there was a night scheduled for that but no one even bothers to wake me up and bring me down where that location was. Maybe because I have a strong aura and I never gave them the chance to make them feel that they are superior over me or maybe they know that If they wake me up that night, I will never bow down to them and will never give them the authority to do the things they did to others.

On my first walk to the grounds of Silliman, my impression was “wow…..this school is really BIG” I saw people with cars, walking and dressing simply but with class. The first thing I appreciated with Silliman is its “greenery” feel, its just a feeling of being one with nature as you walk down the school.

Every freshmen in Silliman would agree to me saying that the first skill we need to hone is to walk…and to walk fast whenever needed. During my first year, my schedule was tight and I have to be from one room to the other in five minutes or less, not to mention they are on separate buildings at a fair distance. I even wished for a tricycle inside the campus then.

Days went on and slowly I was able to immerse myself with the community…that’s the time I declared myself as a Sillimanian.


1. Entered a fraternity and have undergone the gruesome process….a thing that I never regret of doing.

2.  Become more open and sociable to people

3. Have overcome my insecurities towards myself and towards life in general.

4. Have lead my fraternity and made it to the top 10 list of organization in Silliman.

5. On one our fraternity meetings at the Amphi theatre, I sobbed and cried after all my fraternity brothers and sisters confronted me on the way I lead the group. I was like a dictator back then. (My first time to cry in public).

6. I did embarrass myself by filing an intent to run as President of the whole Student Government for the following school year, only to withdraw my bid a week before elections after considering my chances of winning and the party support.

7. Unexpectedly, became the president of the Medtech Society and rank 6th on the top 10 student organization that school year.

8. I ran as a Medtech representative to the student government and saw before my eyes how politics works.

9. I accused the president of the Silliman University College of Nursing student body of allegations which I cannot prove.

10. Made community based projects as a student leader and was able to balance my studies despite the demands of the medical technology program.

I really had a great time in Silliman University. I met friends whom I made memories with. Experienced things that made me smile and learn life’s important lessons.

Silliman might not be as famous a the University of the Philippines, Ateneo De Manila nor De La Salle, but She still stands tall and has her prestige in her own rights. She imbibes the Silliman Spirit that lives on from generations. Loyal will I be to Silliman…. Happy founders week Silliman University!


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