My Canvas Debut


“Weeping Willow Tree on a Sunset”

This is my first painting on canvas: The “weeping willow tree on a sunset”. I found a tutorial video from youtube of a woman painting a beautiful weeping Willow tree. Upon examining her techniques, I figured that doing such is easy, and so I decided to pour in some hard-work and patience, and boom! here it is! Though, I can’t manipulate my brush the way I wanted it to for my “weeping leaves”, I managed to make a version of my own making it in some extent original. The background should have been a tinge of brown but I decided to make it a sunset at the last minute.

I am hoping to improve my painting and make some figurative paitings in the future. Painting is indeed for all. For a guy like me who doesn’t even know how to draw, this simple things make me feel good about myself. Painting isn’t limited to artists, as long as you have an eye that knows how to appreciate colors, then you can paint. As simple as it appears, a painting is still a painting, and if you love what you have done, no negative criticisms about it can shatter your ego. (the last statement is a smack to my roomie)


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