Yes, You have just landed into a very personal space on the net–my life blog. I blog everything I want to remember in the future. I blog about people I meet and worth blogging for. I blog to release thoughts and obviously, I blog for myself.

I am not a good writer and I don’t need criticisms as to my grammar nor sentence constructions. Again, this blog is for myself and only for myself.

I am PRINCE A. BATAUSA, a laboratory technologist by profession and is currently based in Doha, Qatar.

Goal oriented and a dreamer..always have been dreaming

I hunger for knowledge and is willing to try new things. I strive to be friendly and meet new people. I try to be nice to everyone and create a positive impression to all

I think a lot and most of these thoughts are left unspoken or unexpressed. Hence, this blog is intended to record all my thoughts that bothers me.

This blog would be my online diary on how my life goes.



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