Lift your Hands


Life is not all that bad, my friend, hmmm
If you believe in yourself
If you believe there’s Someone
Who walks through life without you
You’ll never be alone
Just learn to reach out,
And open your heart
Lift up your hands to God,
And He’ll show you the way.

And He said, “Cast your burdens upon Me
Those who are heavily laden,
Come to Me, all of you who are tired
Of carrying heavy loads,
For the yoke I will give you is easy
And My burden is light,
Come to Me and I will give you rest.”

When you feel the world
Is tumblin’ down on you,
And you have no one
That you can hold on to,
Just face the rising sun
And you’ll see hope,
And there’s no need to run
Lift up your hands to God,
And He’ll make you feel all right.

And He said, “Cast your burdens upon Me
Those who are heavily laden,
Come to Me, all of you who are tired
Of carrying heavy loads,
For the yoke I will give you is easy
And My burden is light,
Come to Me and I will give you rest.”


Around Good people

I am surrounded with extremely good people here in Williston. From my Flat to the people I am going out with, I know I am with in right circle. I would like to make an entry about my Flatmate and a newly found friend of mine.

Let me begin with my Flatmate which I will refer to as “flatmate” for confidentiality purposes. Flatmate is a the type of guy you will really find mysterious. I can sense that He had drawn the lines between him and me. I cant negotiate his actions and personality …really. Sometimes, he is game for a chat with me, then a few hours after he will become silent again and pass me over as If I never exist. Moreover, I have never met as neat-freak as he is until now. I feel embarrassed most of the times when he cleans the whole flat which to me is still clean and tidy. I, too,  love clean and tidy surrounding and maintains one, but to me, he is the extreme and when I say extreme, I mean really extreme. He is the type of guy that would make a naturally white shiny floor into a squeaky clean, germ-free one. Naturally, he is a good guy but his silence freaks me out. In turn, I try to live with his squeaky standards just not to upset him nor he might think that I am a mess-maker to his bacteria-free palace. With this, our comfort room has a feel and look like those in hotel rooms. We also hangout along with other friends but he still maintains his silence most of the time. Flatmate cracks jokes too and to be fair are really funny. Still I appreciate him as a person. Though we really seldom talk and haven’t got into long conversations, I am thankful he is my flatmate. Thanks to him, I don’t have to worry about cleanliness.

I will refer my newly found friend as “R” for this entry (R stands for responsible). R is also a newbie to Williston like me. We are of the same profession and have been in constant communication months before we both come to the United States for a new opportunity. My long conversations with this guy makes me value of the things I most of the times take for granted. He is the bread-winner of his family and supports 6 people under his wing. He gave all his salary to his family leaving barely nothing for him. His sense of service and selflessness makes me “awe” and reminds me how different our lifestyles are. I have high respect for this man and he really is my idol. His dedication to his family and his selflessness is incomparable to anyone. I know this guy would go miles in his career and in his life. If God will start to reward and bless the good people on earth, he will be the first for sure. I ought to myself to try to adopt his virtues though I don’t promise. I really wish the best for him.

God makes us meet new people in our journey that we may learn from them and I am thankful for placing me on the right place at the right time with the right people around me.

Me and My Brother Jake


Me and My Brother Jake

I was browsing my old family pictures and found this. Its me and my brother Jake during our last days seeing each other personally (as of the press time). This picture was taken few days before I went to Qatar for work. We both love the beach and do this “sanding sculpting” whenever we get a chance.

I can’t imagine how my childhood memories would be without my brother Jake. We practically grew up, see and discover the world together, shared blissful and sometimes hard life experiences.

I was born a year after Jake was. The one-year gap between us make it almost no-difference as to how we treated each other. I never saw him nor treated him as an older brother. In fact most of the times, I am acting like Im older and more mature than him. We bathe together, play together, sleep together…practically we share almost all things in life.

We both are adults now, and have our own lives. We seldom communicated with each other but I know for sure that our bond as brothers remain strong as ever. Thanks for sticking with me Jake through thick and thin.

On the Right Track


Here I am on the American soil at last! I am now starting to fulfill the so called “American Dream”. It seems surreal that I am actually here. To live in this country where equal opportunity is given to you makes you feel that you are respected and valued. From employment to social security, everything is within your reach. I felt lucky to be here working at a very young age – that would mean I can start earning enough and save enough for the inevitable future. As of the press time its my 4th day staying here and have just filed my social security ID. As per USA employment rules, I cant start working without the SS ID, giving me more time to acclimatize myself to the new environment I am in.

The major challenge I battle here is the “loneliness” I feel when I am left alone. I sense that I am on my own now and have to stand for myself. What makes it even worse is that I hate ironing my clothes and left it for my mom to do it. Now, I am left with no choice but to take care of myself in everything. I have no one to depend on but myself and myself alone.  Though I have been working in Qatar for two years, I have my parents living with me making it much more easier. Good thing, there’s a Filipino community here, though small, but closely knit. Being with people ease out our loneliness and I pretty much think that all of us need each other to survive in a land that isn’t ours.

Oh well, I know that I will be used to this lifestyle in a few months. The first steps are often the hardest. Being here makes you more appreciative of the new friendships you make, new bonds formed and of course the opportunity of working here. For sure, I will mature here bigtime! I know that I am on the right track! Keep going Prince!

Review: Not that Good

Daily Prompt: Four Stars

by michelle w. on June 6, 2013

Write a review of your life —  as if it were a movie or a book.

Prince’ life is full of challenges, lessons and on a constant chase towards happiness. He selects all the goods he find in religion (Christianity, Islam, Catholicism). His life is an unending story of learning and relationships. He has deep respect for knowledge and loves history and astrology.

This guy has an inconsistent and contrasting descriptions of oneself.

He can be bold, cold and ambitious, someone who takes his goals seriously.

Prince never gave his trust away that easy and is fine and settled not being trusted.

Often categorizes the people around him to their designated ranks, each ranks has his/her own benefits and limits.

He is someone who appears to be good but has too a fair share of dark schemes”

Prince is a contemplative man who thinks and worries a lot deep inside. Most of the time, every step he takes are well calculated and purposefully done. He learned to be cautious and knows for a fact that his life story isn’t a business of others. He relies on himself alone and takes favor from others very hard to accept. He thinks highly of himself and have a deep respect of knowledge.

He is aware that people is often motivated by future rewards and tries to master how to use this to his own benefit. He might deceive you by appearing innocent and kind, never try to step on him because this man know how and waits for the perfect opportunity to bite.

His looks might deceive you, he isn’t that good as you might thought.

Letting go AHD LAB


Seven days from now, I will be putting off my gloves and hand over my responsibilities in the labarotory among my peers. I might be leaving and taking new paths; but all is for the better.

I perceive the laboratory im working-in as a “cracked piece of glass”, the handler has only two option, either to keep it and hold on to it carefully or to exert force to break it. Proudly, I can say I did everything to keep it alive and functioning. Being paid at an “asian-rate” in this country, my salary can’t reciprocate how much I have given and sacrificed for the laboratory and for the whole institution itself. I often see myself too brilliant, too skillful and too diligent to be around people who are far from being me (thats the proud me speaking).

I must admit, there was a time that I care less of my department. I just grew tired and became exhausted of giving a 100% of myself into something who can’t reward me what is just for me. Then I realized, If I will not take care of the laboratory, who will? The downfall of the lab would be my downfall.

Sure, I will miss the my workplace for more than two years. It seems that every arrangements and every files in it have my hand prints on it. That’s the thing I like about it, I had full control of almost everything inside. I can hide, edit and do everything at the tip of my finger tips. 

I may not be able to learn advance techniques in my career during my stay here nor handled state-of-the-art diagnostic machines so far, but there is one big thing I will take away from my experience working in the American Hospital Doha-and thats management. Now, I even think I can establish a laboratory of my own given enough funds and connections.

Yes I may rant over and over again in this blog on how wasted I feel at times being here; how the ambitious me settled into somewhere Im too big to fit. Then further contemplations reminded me that I made positive memories here. I met good friends, learn more about life and most importantly learn how to become a better man.

Though I am leaving this place, I hope the people in the hospital will remember me as someone who did his job diligently, a man who respected and treat everyone nicely and the laboratory technologist who releases correct results on time.

I will surely miss you AHD LABORATORY. It is time to let you go and give you to the caring hands of others.

Living the present

There was a time when I gave up looking for someone who would compliment you in almost all ways possible. There was a time when I got used to my routine being alone and do things on my own….Now, these days are gone. For a month now, I get to know this woman whom I thought would never be possible. 

I am set to leave this country for a few months now and I was focused on this goal of mine, then she came. Untimely as it may seem and things happen as fast as I could imagine. To sum it all up: I am happy.

Now leaving Qatar might not be that easy as it was before, for leaving this place might equate to leave her behind with all the guys around surrounding her. I don’t know what will happen in the future, all I know is at present I am happy.

As the song goes, “the future is not ours to see”. Living the present that’s what I am doing.