Diversity is good

“What would the world be like if people are like you?”


I always reflect on this question posted on my “reminder board” whenever I am having rough emotions towards another person. My understanding on people always operates by asking myself, “If I were in his/her situation, what would I do?” “If I were him/her, what would I say?” – and if the action done doesn’t meet my expectations on those questions, then expect me to get frustrated.

By doing so, it seems that I am forcing people to be like me or at least think like I do. I know I don’t have the best ideas nor the best strategies to different situations, but I often feel that my insights are the best. (though sometimes I realize its not).

So I came into a deep reflection about the question above. What would the world be if it were to be filled with people exactly like me? It would be a world full of insights kept to themselves, a world where people tend to mind their own business and not care on how other people are doing. A world where everyone thinks than feels. In short, it would be very boring and a complete disaster.

There is always good in diversity. With diversity requires a lot of respect. And by respecting each one’s idea and differences, the world will be filled with supplementary benefits- and thats what make this world a good place to live.

So, I should always remind myself of this before judging others. We may not think, act and feel the way others do, but our differences makes the necessary connections we needed to survive. 


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